De-stress Mother

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I got up to irritating alarm. As soon as, I came out of bedroom. ‘Mom please press my White shirt ,I got presentation today’ I shouted before entering the bathroom almost in auto pilot .  I started my bath only to find no towels in bathroom’ Mom towel please’ .I waited for good 10 minutes , but no towel came .I came out drying without drying myself somehow collected towel .My white shirt was nowhere in sight nor was mom .What the hell the mom is doing today, I sighed in frustration . I started looking for mom . Started with kitchen that’s where mom is every morning till I leave for office . No mom Nothing touched in kitchen .Why the hell its looking so dirty I wondered .I am in for some trouble today. I will surely get late now . Mom , Mom I shouted. Finally I opened my eye with my mom giving me curious look . I was all in dream .But that’s how my life would be without mom .Yes, a Nightmare .
Brain is center of our body nervous system .If we have headache our life come to almost standstill we can’t work or enjoy anything. Similarly Mom are center of our day to day nervous system.How would you even function without her .But it her who had spoiled her by doing all the things for us.
Right from morning tea to evening dinner , Without Mom it would be disastrous isn’t it .We all know it but sometimes we give  mom those anxious moments. Sometimes we take her for granted
I was once went for movie without informing mom . Since My phone was silent inside the Cinema hall . After movie when I came out it had 25 missed call from Mom. When I called back , She was soo worried . I said it was just couple of hours why are you panicing. But I knew how much she cared for us . But at same time I was wondering so much amount of stress she takes for us . If its our presentation , she will get stresses just looking at us . Since childhood our exam were more stressing for her than me. I could sense the panic on her face if my exam didn’t went right ,  
So much care bring huge amount of stress to her . Some time I want to do everything right so that my mom need not stress about anything in life . But she is mom after all no amount would ,make her stress free . But all I need she takes a chill pill now . I am no more Kid afterall.

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