Friday, March 3, 2017

Not without You.

It was another Monday life of the people.People were late to their respective offices after unsuccessfully trying to catch up on everything on weekend including Rest. This is what working class promise every week to catch up on life over the weekend but usually miss the target. The Lure of another weekend is what keeps them going. Ruchika was dragging herself to work like many. Her struggles with life include juggling office and her Parents.

Struggle with Parents was real.Society want's everyone to settle down I guess marriage was created by someone who was too depressed with his life.Society is monster everyone is scared of. The level of acceptability is always one level higher.Any 12th pass should have been a graduate, at least. A graduate should have Job. One who has Job should be Married. Once you have married you should have a kid. Its Ploy to get everyone on the same boat. Parents are one who becomes the target of the society's sinister plan.They try all the tricks including emotional blackmail and we fall into the trap, we want to avoid.It's only matter of time.

Ruchika has avoided that trap till now. She has been meeting guys but thankfully they didn't suit her parents taste either.Closest Ruchika has come to liking guy was with Rohan. But then it had left into the oblivion.

It was a start of Winter when office arranges one of many Employee engagement events. Today, they received the mail with respect to Quiz contest. This mail sent Ruchika in nostalgic mode, about days when Rohan was still her colleague. Last time, Rohan had egged Ruchika to be his partner in a quiz. This was one is many ways, how Rohan wanted to spend his time with her. How he wanted her to like him.He wanted her to know the real Rohan as the opposite of his office persona.He tried and gave up.He was really fond of her. Ruchika was surprised when Rohan didn't participate in Quiz. He sat in an audience and answered every question which came audience way. He did that to the point where, everyone in the audience, including the host to ask, why didn't you participate in the quiz. "I didn't get the partner", he quipped. You do not need one ?. Yes, I do. was Rohan reply.Ruchika asked  him the same question. " Not without you " Rohan explained.Ruchika was overwhelmed at that.This was one of her weak moments where she wanted to say yes to him.

Rohan was her Office Colleague. Smart, Educated may not be hot looking. He was smitten by Ruchika.He was not. sure why Ruchika was declining his advances. Ruchika, however, was unsure, fully determine to marry someone her parents chose.But she had her share of weak moments.She knew   Rohan was egging her for long. he had qualities she looked forward. If he was from her community, perhaps it was instant yes.But somehow their weak moment didn't collide.Rohan was soon transferred to the onsite location on special assignment.Out fo sight out of mind, this love story had breathed it last.

A loud thud brought Ruchika brought back to present. It was Pawan  Khanna. New Employee. Last six months since Pawan had joined had made people cringe.He was this all-knowing snooty who insulted everyone's  intelligence.He was smart but his arrogant nature made everyone hate him. Once quiz was announced, his nuisance exploded. He announces he is going to win because the office was full of stupid people and no one would beat him. Ruchika was the subject of his taunts in the past. She had enough of his wits.and wanted to teach him the lesson.He wanted him to lose to show him his place.Ruchika decided to participate in the quiz  and started scouting for a partner. Today she invariably wished Rohan was still here when failed to find the decent one. As the deadline of enrolling was near She gave her nomination for quiz without partner. Quiz club has assured her that they would pair her if someone else was too looking for a partner.This way, she had a chance of someone with strong chances rather than choosing an uninterested friend in the office.

Pawan Khanna on other hand paired with Shruti.Shruthi was Ruchika teammate  She was in fierce competition with whatever Ruchika does. She was a smart and quick thinker. This made their pair almost unbeatable. Pawan and Shruthi went gaga all over the office with the incumbent win on Quiz day. The Whole office thought that the declaration of their name for winners was a mere formality.

It was quiz day and all were set for the big quiz. Ruchika went to the venue with a crossed fingers. She hoped that her partner for the day was good enough. At least a face saver in front of Pawan and Shruthi.
 . Ruchika asked the organiser if they were able to find the partner.They said that they had last minute request and He would join but he was out of town.If not she would have to convince any one of her colleagues.As soon everyone took seat Ruchika was eagerly waiting for her partner to arrive. Her time was worth the wait as  Rohan walked in, with his travel bag.Ruchika was surprised, When Rohan joined Ruchika, you came all the way to participate in this stupid quiz. When you didn't participate when you were here?. Yes, because you wanted me here, said Rohan..How do you know that? asked Ruchika. I just know, said Rohan.

When Rohan received mail for the quiz, it was nostalgic for him too. He remembered his promise "Not without you" .to Ruchika. He secretly wished he was still based at corporate so that he would ask Ruchika again.Quiz became a topic of discussion during his official conversation with a colleague who was quiz committee member.You are still on corporate rolls and still participate in the quiz and anyway, Ruchika is looking for the partner. Rohan joys knew no bounds. He decided to pull off surprise. He preponed his home visit by a month to pull off this coup.

As the quiz progressed, as it was expected Pawan and Shruthi were killing it .Ruchika and Rohan were not far behind. Rohan has taken a back seat in this pair. He only answered the question Ruchika was not sure of.He wanted Ruchika to win this on her own. And win they did, Pawan and Shruthi were embarrassed after their tall claims. It was foot in mouth for both of them, after coming close second to Rohan & Ruchika .Ruchika was overwelmed at a great win. This would smoothen out Pawan for sure and  Congratulations poured in.

As euphoria died, Ruchika turned to Rohan. Both were looking at each other. Words elapsed their mouth.their eyes were gazing. Rohan was seeing soo much love Ruchika had hidden from him .Ruchika on another hand cursing herself on why did she didn't acknowledge him till now. Feeling of being so important for someone just overwhelmed her.In the moment of silence, both acknowledge the feelings for each other. So? Rohan finally broke the silence.When are you going back? asked Ruchika. In a couple of days, answered Rohan. Can We meet over coffee after office? Ruchika suggested. I will wait for you, Rohan answered enthusiastically.But, Why did you come just today? You had all the time to book the ticket in advance after a declaration of quiz event. But you registered only at end moment, said Rohan. So you didn't want to participate in this quiz?asked Ruchika. " Not without you " answered Rohan

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blind Date - Surprise

.....Continued from Blind Date- Confusion

"So your are the Real Rohan?'  said the  First girl approaching him,  Smile escaped  Rohan's Lips. He fell in love at first sight and second as well, all in the span of 15 minutes.

Shreya was relieved, Rohan was no drop dead hot but had an average looking guy. She was still flustered by what had transpired.  She tried to explain the confusion. Rohan, in turn, told her that he was a silent observer in all this.Shreya was embarrassed about her silly mistake.
Rohan was observing  Shreya  White Hidesign Clutch. Rohan silent observations are his data collection techniques which tell a lot about people. You are looking flustered, what will you have? asked Rohan. "Mocca Frappe' she said unthinkingly, obviously she go-to drink by default, guessed and noted Rohan.
So what kind of girl you are looking for? asked Shreya. This question bothered Rohan. He didn't know what he was looking for. When the right one comes along he will just know. And Just Today He fell in Love at first sight for Shreya. Why did he fell in love with her not anyone till now ? would ask any logical person. No one knows anyone has an answer. If it was mathematics there would be a formula to prove it. Not in love, I guess.
All this Love thing seems silly for a logical person.Love is overrated they say. But Ideal match which you think will suit you may not be perfect for you.Rohan told her ' Someone who would make his heart beat faster ".
Shreya Rolled her eyes on this answer. She was anything but romantic. She came with a checklist. She agreed to come on this Blind date when her friend assured her that guy was from her own Community. Her parent wish was top of the list for her.Rohan ticked most of her boxes concerning the job, education, looks, and community.  She expected Rohan would come with a similar checklist. Hoping this goes through. She was trying to gauge his checklist to fit in it.  She was unaware, she had already ticked the boxes with her first look  His heart was already beating faster.

Both were relieved. Their Date was Level 1 from both their perspective for different reasons although.

Rohan who was telling her stories of his past, his friends, his crushes. Shreya on other hand was just listening trying to fit in with her encouragement. But Rohan wanted to hear Shreyas stories.

Rohan was quite surprised how would they agree on so many things.Even Rohan best friends don't agree on Many things.Rohan now began the weird experiment of a portrayal of person he never was.He wanted to know Shreyas views on the thing which are uncompromising in his life.And then it was simply clear why a blind date was turning into arrange Marriage meeting. Someone Desperately trying to fit in other person's scheme of thing Trying to become the person you are not. When seeking acceptance was more important than your own choice.Shreya walked straight into Rohan trap.

Rohan was surprised seemingly sensible &  independent girl was behaving like this. Rohan shared his apprehensions with her. Shreya was caught in a fix.She admitted her stance. Her family was after her life for getting married.Shreya had an idea of a perfect guy in her mind when she set out to find her soulmate .but year later she was left empty handed.Every new guy she met, missed out few qualities in her checklist. Last guy was better than this she would always wonder till time. In hindsight, she had ruined her chances with guys who she thought were perfect.  

Today Shreya wanted to make it good by being positive at the start looking only at the problems if any.With Rohan, she didn't find any glaring problems to start with. However, when Rohan started experimenting she had issues but played along in hope.Rohan was relieved with that admission. 

Thereafter their discussion was more open about each other. They discussed office, life, choices and aspirations. Rohan was realising Shreya was entirely different from him Shreya was outgoing and go-getter to Rohan balanced guy who believed in stability. They bonded over travel nevertheless. Shreya was impressed how Rohan managed to sneak to different places when she was struggling to take a vacation for two years now,. 

They were finding the common ground began liking each other. The time flew. Soon it was time to go.It got over so soon, Shreya didn't want to let Rohan Go. Rohan on other hand had similar feelings. Whether she will meet me again? What if she didn't?  They started walking towards exit .and soon it was time to let her go.Rohan asked her, holding his breath, will we meet again? .Shreya said she will think about it. Rohan took it for as No.

Following week Rohan was busy in office. But often thought about Shreya's once he was alone even after hard day work. He checks his cell for Shreya message every now and then. Even when he got up in mid of the night.He even blocked her number in distress, unblocking in a few minutes later.

Rohan in anticipation had complete forgot that he hadn't sent her message as well.What if she was waiting for his message.? he kept his male ego aside and sent her message.
Hiiii...  with three I's and four dots.He typed 5 dots and deleted one as if it mattered the most thing. Can we meet up again ? he asked.

I was waiting for you to ask me since eternity, replied Shreya.Rohan wouldn't sleep that night.His story was just going to begin.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Love Diaries

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary ,
    Today I have new feeling .my heart is sinking and And I am all overwhelmed. Today I saw a girl . She was stunning . He eyes were dripping  dreams and happiness . Her brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight .Her smile was childlike . Her hair was plaited . Will I meet her again?

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary ,
  I am  feeling strange .Like a good 'good" strange . I saw a Guy . He was staring so blatantly . I ignored him completely but was wondering about him . He was not much tall .Also  had the long nose .It had lots of blackheads . But his smile was cute.

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary ,
Her name is Suhana .She is the First year just like me .She goes to different College . So I have decided to join the Accounts Classes she goes to .Hope  I can talk to her some day .I have  used my sister face pack  . She says it help her looking good .I hope it helps me.

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary ,
I saw him again today . He joined the classes midway , which is strange . I guess he does not know anyone else in Class . He was all by himself today . He was staring at me few times but  maybe I am imagining things . All his blackheads  have disappeared.

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary ,
His name is Ayaan  .He spoke to me today . He wanted to catch up on missed notes, so he came up to us .He asked my friend,  Shweta  about the notes but  he would not understand her handwriting, that's when he spoke to me . He liked my handwriting. Hope he remembers me .

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary ,
After so many days  , I finally gathered guts to talk to her . But end moment ended up asking her friend . But fortunately, i found a way out . She smiled at me , when I praised her handwriting.I am planning to talk to her  again . I hope her friend does not accompany her .

 Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary ,
Today He accompanied me  till station .He praised my smile and I  blushed .I  like him . Does he like me, diary?.

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary ,
We  are talking more and more  .She is a most wonderful person on earth . I guess I am in Love diary . Does she like me diary?

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary ,
She is getting friendly with this guy, Saurabh .She  talks to him frequently . I don't like it .I fought with her today for no reason because of this  But why does she give Saurabh so much importance?. I cant get her out of my mind .Her smile light up my heart. When she looks into my eyes,i become speechless.What should i do ? I am losing my self over her.

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
He frequently fights with me. Why he says such nasty things. Saurabh has become the good friend . I miss Ayaan even when he fights with me . Sometime he show so much love some time he behave so wierd .Why is he like that ? 

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
Today was  graduation day He proposed to me., he brought my favorite flowers and My Favorite Chocolates. He played my favorite song on this Mobile . He leaned and asked, " Will you be mine , Forever ". I could not believe it . But he has placed in Pune based Company and I am  in Mumbai. But We love each other a lot . 

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary
I am going away from her . But still its Pune, 4 hours distance . We can  always meet on a weekend  . Hope She doesn't miss me much .Today she hugged me while leaving. It was worth a life time. I think Hug is most heavenly thing you get in love .Hug is when truly your heart meets and souls recognize each other  .How i will survive without her .

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
His weekend trip has dried up.  It whole month. He says he is on to important project .Last month he came , only when i mentioned about how I met Saurabh . Saurabh works in the same area as me  we often travel together .I guess He like in past felt jealous. I miss him alot . i wait for his text each day .I think my text are irritating him . All our conversation have no meaning for him .I told him so many time how much i love him .He does not say much 

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
Its been three months . Even our conversations after the tiring day I have no energy for conversation . But she keeps messaging me . I know she is missing me.Her text are only thing that keep me going her . Whenever i feel lonely , i re-read each of our conversation .I cry alot . But i don't tell her that, I hope she understands my love . I miss her soo much but really tied up with work .I don't like it when she meeting  Saurabh,  regularly. I feel so jealous he get to see her everyday . I want to get settled in Job so that i can make better future for us . So that we can marry and get settled down.  .

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
I think he has forgotten me . We never talk anything about our marriage . He is too much in his work .  Is he going around with someone else in Pune. He does not like it when I say I will visit Pune.

We are falling apart.

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
I got promotion today.I will shift to Mumbai from next month. I will be with suhana again .I will surprise her .I won't be sharing with her this .I ma going to propose marriage . It is the happiest day of  my life.

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
I think it's over between us .We have come to complete indifference . He called today to inform he will be visiting at end of the month . This he told last month too, but he never came .I am going to call it quits. Saurabh has been taking good care of me. He tried to kiss another day.But I felt it was wrong . He said he likes me a lot . I am confused whether Love is  more complicated or people.I cry looking at his photos , he stills smiles .at me 

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
Suahana has been so aloof these days. No messages from her . Only one word answers to all the questions . I think she is busy too . She will really happy when I will break the news . I want it to be her happiest moment . I want to plan our wedding together . I want to make it most memorable moment of our lives . I want to  grow old with her .

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
He was complaining about missing messages from me . But he never responded to them earlier .Saurabh is really sweet he never makes me wait . I think we have future together.Am i reading too much into his advances .

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
Suhana Refused to meet me .She didn't respond to many texts i sent her .May be something urgent came up . I have shifted permanently now . I am just waiting to break the news .

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
We broke up.I sent him a text that its over .He has not responded to it yet . All week he was complaining about not meeting him . or not responding to text/calls  . I had enough .I can not do this anymore .

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
I am finally meeting her . It will be Our's happiest day . We will be together forever .

Girls  Diary :

Dear Diary,
We are getting married. I said Yes . But  I have to end another relationship  in a peaceful manner.

Boys Diary :

Dear Diary,
I was only 50% correct .It is the happiest day for her . She has decided to marry, Saurabh.
Can't She see my love? I am Heartbroken . I have made so many plans for the future . I don't say much but I lOve are very much .Why she didn't tell me about it . When did we get so busy that we stopped communicating to each other  ?Did I took her for granted. Did I assume the forever ?Forever take much effort. Even when someone loves you , they need a constant bit of reminder .Love is not event, it is the process . Every day it changes we need to keep it alive .My feeling for her will never change .

I can't lose her. She is all I got .I can't let her go .

.........To be continued 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Love All at Match Point.

"You are such a show off ", Krutika told Pankaj , "Always boasting of things".I just state the fact, said Pankaj in his defense. Now you want a simple wedding  , I want to do all the rituals , she pleaded .  But you need not do it lavishly , he argued with her for the nth time .This was what  all they argued, since last few months, when they decided to take their relationship to next level.

Pankaj was smitten by her innocent smile ever since he first saw her. Pankaj and  Krutika worked in the same office.He never had  guts, to walk up to her to introduce himself .He  anyways hoped that somehow they would get talking someday. Life grants your prayers in strange ways.They  spoke  after a long wait from pankaj side. Pankaj saw it as a window to present himself . He would seek her at all available opportunity  to initiate conversations . His constant endeavors were to impress her . But she was hardly impressed . She avoided him most of the time. Soon Pankaj realised he was coming too strong or desperate to initiate the friendship and  it was  not going anywhere .Pankaj was disheartened and decided to let things be .Today Pankaj was happy man thing have changed around and how .

Krutika , toohad never imagined, that they will hit off like this.  They will be discussing their marriage plans, this was not how they had started their friendship with.She herself was amazed how the  guy she hated once, for being such a show-off, will eventually win her heart. Krutika  had spoken to Pankaj during one of training sessions team assignments. He was smart enough to get most of the thing right but they didn't get along that well .Subsequently, they bumped into each other  a lot which was never coincident .Krutika thought Pankaj was always full of himself. he only spoke about himself . Even when he wasn't. She started to get irritated by his constant attempts to chat.

It was all going down the usual hate-hate relationship, till Office Table tennis championship was announced.

 Krutika was excited about putting her new found hobby to  test . She had ,shifted to new housing society six months back  and it  had TT table. She ended up playing every day  with her roomies and day by day she was improving .She had to feel that no one would be so practice -ready, so she had a great chance  at winning
Krutika was wrong in her estimate . Her match practice was falling short of sheer talent, her office colleagues had ,Although she  could not go far in a single event ,It was mixed doubles event that still gave her the hope .But destiny was not on her side . On final match day her partner Sudheer, who was also her  team member, fell ill . Now she was without the partner ,Management allowed her to play with any partner, provided he has not participated in the event. It also technically ruled out any decent table tennis player in the office to partner her.

Krutika didn't have many options ,She asked around but no one knew played table tennis before .Finally, someone suggested Pankaj .She asked Pankaj as last resort, who surprisingly said yes .Her disliking for him  nonetheless didn't stop her . Her target of winning after reaching final was too good to be given away.

They had one hour before the match . They met at TT table . Oh, you play left handed!! exclaimed Krutika . How will we coordinate ? I have never played with the left-handed partner .Don't worry we will manage said Pankaj .I will try my best not to loose the point he said .Pankaj did what he said . Playing left handed he hardly lost any point . With Krutika winning points they narrowly won the match .It was   the real happy moment for Krutika.She decided to give Pankaj a treat on weekend .

On the treat, Krutika realised  that there is a very different side to Pankaj .This  changed  the equation between them. They went from being colleagues to friends  to  a married couple .
Krutika always wondered if that if they had not won that TT Match , they would not have been together .

Pankaj and Krutika married simple ceremony as they had wished , All the lavish wedding money they saved was divided into two parts . First to travel more and second to Charity . it is always better to spend money on helping the needy rather  lavish dinner  to unknown relatives .

Krutika was visiting Pankaj hometown for the first time .She was excited to see Pankaj childhood memories, which  he would describe so fondly . After settling in his room he was going through surroundings . She saw his pictures from younger days . One had him playing table tennis but right handed . surprised . she went to take a closer look .She found few trophies lined up .She picked one it read .
 ."Maharashtra State table Tennis Champion". Krutika was shocked.

All her memories went back to table tennis match they won .Pankaj in spite being a state champion had played second fiddle to her .He took care he didn't loose match but never dominated .  he allowed her to take the lead  and win .

When Pankaj came she asked him . Why didn't you tell me this ?.We would have won that match with ease if you had played right handed . Why didn't you participate in the tournament before ? Krutika asked quizzing

But it was your match . I wanted you to win on your own . And I would have been unfair for the other  contestant, nor I would have given me any joy, said more than modest Pankaj. I was Right-handed Champion .with left hand I was on par with others 

Why did you participate with me then ? asked Krutika.We would not be here, if I didn't , said Pankaj shying.Krutika knew, this  was true .Pankaj, who she thought was "snobbish and show off ' ,didn't go for fame which was his .Nor he claimed credit for the win .He didn't play that match as State champion or for glory . He played that match for her.She never really believed in Love at first Sight .But today  she  fell in love with him all over again .

First impression are sometimes not last impressions .

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Blind Date - Confusion

"What to do on a first date"  is the  prominent googled searched query. Be yourself, suggested  one dating expert. As if , I could pull off pretending to be  SRK. All these tips made no sense at all. Logical steps would have worked if love was a science ,which fortunately it is not. We all know what to do unless you are studies in all boys school .But still very one goes through this predicament .I guess the failure of being rejected looms large .What if we find them perfect but they don't . What if she was my soulmate but I end up ,offending her .What if she doesn't like  my way of life .The anticipation of bumping into your soulmate and the constant stress of sounding perfect.

It is difficult to define what fits you .Even in anticipation ,some go with a checklist in mind if not in hand .Education,Looks, Nature with varying degree of importance. We also have perfect red flags .Things which are uncompromising. And then there is this image we are fed with, that of Prince charming or gorgeous princess , which makes us more confused .

Rohan  was full of self-doubts when his  friend set him up  for a blind date. He had been on blind dates before .It was when he was  being set up for arrange marriage .Parent do  a thorough  background check, then they  take back seat . You are introduced to girl e- mode .Send her request Chat and decide, and   then you are out to fend yourself against the unknown person .So much liberty for  modern an Arranged marriage. But as soon as you have one meeting in arrange marriage. Whats your answer ? Why Not? is the question rather than Why ? Nobody asks you "Why?" when you say YES . but you have to justify your "No" even to your neighbour's cousin.That was a perfect match, they would quip. But looking at their better half ,I would be really scared to go with their definition of a perfect match.

But this was different . This was a Blind date,hence there is no parental pressure. He  doesn't have to answer what happened to anyone . Even if he embarrasses himself it was ok .  At the most ,the girl would crib about him to all her Girlfriends. Rohan would have lived with that .

Rohan was quite observant while on his solo  weekend binge on movies and mall . While on Food court or restaurant ,he would observe young couple on the date. he would rate dates  in his mind. There are always three versions of " how the date was ?". First was girl's version, Second the guy's version  and third is the truth .

Rohan  thought the third person observation was truth. He would say that  based on his expertise on observing dates from the sidelines .He was before time as always . He sent her message  "I have reached ".  Ok, i will try to reach ,ASAP  " came reply from his date . Rohan based on his experience  concluded that,he is in for a long wait.

He  ordered his favorite  Natural's Chickoo flavour ice cream started and sat corner of the big food court . He saw ,a nervous guy, looking at his watch every 10 seconds ."Wow! another date in waiting, Rohan thought . soon nervous guy was joined  by a confident looking girl . He tried to put his observation skills to best use and try to decipher the date .He would not hear what they were talking about but he was  judging through the  body language .
Date normally starts with introductions, what to tell  other than name ,  Qualification , a job . But how to start a conversation on dating site mentions that you should pickup  words from initial comments and try to build a conversation .There is no final word on this, but this is what two normal people do even otherwise . But this date  was turning out to be a not starter . There was some hesitation  among them. The awkwardness was visible . Rohan was observing Girl more intently .Rohan was smitten  by her at first sight . Will  his date be like her ? He wanted his date to be like her. Her glowing eyes had caught his attention . She seemed bit disappointed  on Gucci smelling  French beard guy in front of her . Below the table, she was messaging  something . Perhaps cursing  someone who set her up with this . This was sure level 5, the Disaster date .Rohan thought .

Based on internal study  , Rohan has maintained 5 levels of Date .

Level 5 disaster ( going to end soon ) date
Level 4 Average ( I am not going to call you after this ) date
Level 3  Ok ( You are Friend zoned /Facebook zoned ) date
Level 2  Good  (Will he commit to me? ) date
Level 1  Wow ( our kids will be named Ranbir  /Ranveer  ) date

  So as this was ending in a hurry , she won't eat anything. perhaps she will order just coffee   on his instances. Thing were going as predicted  by Rohan .Then Bang!!!!! there was another girl  at the table . Wow, this Frenchie guy has  Ex who was not only  following him.  but also creating trouble in his doomed paradise .  The first girl is apologising , to both . But why? Rohan was wondering . Frenchie Guy looks disappointed  by all the drama and end result. The second girl is rather happy with the guy . Perhaps She has a fetish  for  French beared guys .

The first girl walks off in embarrassment . moves away from the confusion .towards the wash room . This was perhaps last he would have seen of her . Rohan ruined .

In all the confusion and observation he had forgotten about his own  blind date .
 He glanced at the phone . "No messages yet, " he thought . Just then, in split second, the phone rings " Hello Rohan , Are you in  still in food court ?.  would  you  wave , please. Rohan  waved in  blank direction ,
"So your are the Real Rohan?'  said the  First girl approaching him,  Smile escaped  Rohan's Lips . He fell in love at first sight  and  second as well  ,all in the span  of 15 minutes .

To be Continued

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New WhatsApp Features You Need to Check Out

New WhatsApp Features You Need to Check Out

Facebook-owned instant messenger service WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing social networks on the planet. To keep up with the growing demands of its millions of users, the app frequently receives updates to add new features.
Just a short while ago, we talked about six new WhatsApp features you should know about. Well, since then, the developers have added a whole bunch of new abilities that make the app better than ever. Plus, WhatsApp is now free forever!
To get these new features, you will need to have the latest version of WhatsApp, v2.12.51. The update is currently available only for Android and iOS users. You can download the app from the respective app store, or update it from your phone if you already have it.

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