Blind Date - Confusion

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"What to do on a first date"  is the  prominent googled searched query. Be yourself, suggested  one dating expert. As if , I could pull off pretending to be  SRK. All these tips made no sense at all. Logical steps would have worked if love was a science ,which fortunately it is not. We all know what to do unless you are studies in all boys school .But still very one goes through this predicament .I guess the failure of being rejected looms large .What if we find them perfect but they don't . What if she was my soulmate but I end up ,offending her .What if she doesn't like  my way of life .The anticipation of bumping into your soulmate and the constant stress of sounding perfect.

It is difficult to define what fits you .Even in anticipation ,some go with a checklist in mind if not in hand .Education,Looks, Nature with varying degree of importance. We also have perfect red flags .Things which are uncompromising. And then there is this image we are fed with, that of Prince charming or gorgeous princess , which makes us more confused .

Rohan  was full of self-doubts when his  friend set him up  for a blind date. He had been on blind dates before .It was when he was  being set up for arrange marriage .Parent do  a thorough  background check, then they  take back seat . You are introduced to girl e- mode .Send her request Chat and decide, and   then you are out to fend yourself against the unknown person .So much liberty for  modern an Arranged marriage. But as soon as you have one meeting in arrange marriage. Whats your answer ? Why Not? is the question rather than Why ? Nobody asks you "Why?" when you say YES . but you have to justify your "No" even to your neighbour's cousin.That was a perfect match, they would quip. But looking at their better half ,I would be really scared to go with their definition of a perfect match.

But this was different . This was a Blind date,hence there is no parental pressure. He  doesn't have to answer what happened to anyone . Even if he embarrasses himself it was ok .  At the most ,the girl would crib about him to all her Girlfriends. Rohan would have lived with that .

Rohan was quite observant while on his solo  weekend binge on movies and mall . While on Food court or restaurant ,he would observe young couple on the date. he would rate dates  in his mind. There are always three versions of " how the date was ?". First was girl's version, Second the guy's version  and third is the truth .

Rohan  thought the third person observation was truth. He would say that  based on his expertise on observing dates from the sidelines .He was before time as always . He sent her message  "I have reached ".  Ok, i will try to reach ,ASAP  " came reply from his date . Rohan based on his experience  concluded that,he is in for a long wait.

He  ordered his favorite  Natural's Chickoo flavour ice cream started and sat corner of the big food court . He saw ,a nervous guy, looking at his watch every 10 seconds ."Wow! another date in waiting, Rohan thought . soon nervous guy was joined  by a confident looking girl . He tried to put his observation skills to best use and try to decipher the date .He would not hear what they were talking about but he was  judging through the  body language .
Date normally starts with introductions, what to tell  other than name ,  Qualification , a job . But how to start a conversation on dating site mentions that you should pickup  words from initial comments and try to build a conversation .There is no final word on this, but this is what two normal people do even otherwise . But this date  was turning out to be a not starter . There was some hesitation  among them. The awkwardness was visible . Rohan was observing Girl more intently .Rohan was smitten  by her at first sight . Will  his date be like her ? He wanted his date to be like her. Her glowing eyes had caught his attention . She seemed bit disappointed  on Gucci smelling  French beard guy in front of her . Below the table, she was messaging  something . Perhaps cursing  someone who set her up with this . This was sure level 5, the Disaster date .Rohan thought .

Based on internal study  , Rohan has maintained 5 levels of Date .

Level 5 disaster ( going to end soon ) date
Level 4 Average ( I am not going to call you after this ) date
Level 3  Ok ( You are Friend zoned /Facebook zoned ) date
Level 2  Good  (Will he commit to me? ) date
Level 1  Wow ( our kids will be named Ranbir  /Ranveer  ) date

  So as this was ending in a hurry , she won't eat anything. perhaps she will order just coffee   on his instances. Thing were going as predicted  by Rohan .Then Bang!!!!! there was another girl  at the table . Wow, this Frenchie guy has  Ex who was not only  following him.  but also creating trouble in his doomed paradise .  The first girl is apologising , to both . But why? Rohan was wondering . Frenchie Guy looks disappointed  by all the drama and end result. The second girl is rather happy with the guy . Perhaps She has a fetish  for  French beared guys .

The first girl walks off in embarrassment . moves away from the confusion .towards the wash room . This was perhaps last he would have seen of her . Rohan ruined .

In all the confusion and observation he had forgotten about his own  blind date .
 He glanced at the phone . "No messages yet, " he thought . Just then, in split second, the phone rings " Hello Rohan , Are you in  still in food court ?.  would  you  wave , please. Rohan  waved in  blank direction ,
"So your are the Real Rohan?'  said the  First girl approaching him,  Smile escaped  Rohan's Lips . He fell in love at first sight  and  second as well  ,all in the span  of 15 minutes .

To be Continued

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