Love All at Match Point.

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"You are such a show off ", Krutika told Pankaj , "Always boasting of things".I just state the fact, said Pankaj in his defense. Now you want a simple wedding  , I want to do all the rituals , she pleaded .  But you need not do it lavishly , he argued with her for the nth time .This was what  all they argued, since last few months, when they decided to take their relationship to next level.

Pankaj was smitten by her innocent smile ever since he first saw her. Pankaj and  Krutika worked in the same office.He never had  guts, to walk up to her to introduce himself .He  anyways hoped that somehow they would get talking someday. Life grants your prayers in strange ways.They  spoke  after a long wait from pankaj side. Pankaj saw it as a window to present himself . He would seek her at all available opportunity  to initiate conversations . His constant endeavors were to impress her . But she was hardly impressed . She avoided him most of the time. Soon Pankaj realised he was coming too strong or desperate to initiate the friendship and  it was  not going anywhere .Pankaj was disheartened and decided to let things be .Today Pankaj was happy man thing have changed around and how .

Krutika , toohad never imagined, that they will hit off like this.  They will be discussing their marriage plans, this was not how they had started their friendship with.She herself was amazed how the  guy she hated once, for being such a show-off, will eventually win her heart. Krutika  had spoken to Pankaj during one of training sessions team assignments. He was smart enough to get most of the thing right but they didn't get along that well .Subsequently, they bumped into each other  a lot which was never coincident .Krutika thought Pankaj was always full of himself. he only spoke about himself . Even when he wasn't. She started to get irritated by his constant attempts to chat.

It was all going down the usual hate-hate relationship, till Office Table tennis championship was announced.

 Krutika was excited about putting her new found hobby to  test . She had ,shifted to new housing society six months back  and it  had TT table. She ended up playing every day  with her roomies and day by day she was improving .She had to feel that no one would be so practice -ready, so she had a great chance  at winning
Krutika was wrong in her estimate . Her match practice was falling short of sheer talent, her office colleagues had ,Although she  could not go far in a single event ,It was mixed doubles event that still gave her the hope .But destiny was not on her side . On final match day her partner Sudheer, who was also her  team member, fell ill . Now she was without the partner ,Management allowed her to play with any partner, provided he has not participated in the event. It also technically ruled out any decent table tennis player in the office to partner her.

Krutika didn't have many options ,She asked around but no one knew played table tennis before .Finally, someone suggested Pankaj .She asked Pankaj as last resort, who surprisingly said yes .Her disliking for him  nonetheless didn't stop her . Her target of winning after reaching final was too good to be given away.

They had one hour before the match . They met at TT table . Oh, you play left handed!! exclaimed Krutika . How will we coordinate ? I have never played with the left-handed partner .Don't worry we will manage said Pankaj .I will try my best not to loose the point he said .Pankaj did what he said . Playing left handed he hardly lost any point . With Krutika winning points they narrowly won the match .It was   the real happy moment for Krutika.She decided to give Pankaj a treat on weekend .

On the treat, Krutika realised  that there is a very different side to Pankaj .This  changed  the equation between them. They went from being colleagues to friends  to  a married couple .
Krutika always wondered if that if they had not won that TT Match , they would not have been together .

Pankaj and Krutika married simple ceremony as they had wished , All the lavish wedding money they saved was divided into two parts . First to travel more and second to Charity . it is always better to spend money on helping the needy rather  lavish dinner  to unknown relatives .

Krutika was visiting Pankaj hometown for the first time .She was excited to see Pankaj childhood memories, which  he would describe so fondly . After settling in his room he was going through surroundings . She saw his pictures from younger days . One had him playing table tennis but right handed . surprised . she went to take a closer look .She found few trophies lined up .She picked one it read .
 ."Maharashtra State table Tennis Champion". Krutika was shocked.

All her memories went back to table tennis match they won .Pankaj in spite being a state champion had played second fiddle to her .He took care he didn't loose match but never dominated .  he allowed her to take the lead  and win .

When Pankaj came she asked him . Why didn't you tell me this ?.We would have won that match with ease if you had played right handed . Why didn't you participate in the tournament before ? Krutika asked quizzing

But it was your match . I wanted you to win on your own . And I would have been unfair for the other  contestant, nor I would have given me any joy, said more than modest Pankaj. I was Right-handed Champion .with left hand I was on par with others 

Why did you participate with me then ? asked Krutika.We would not be here, if I didn't , said Pankaj shying.Krutika knew, this  was true .Pankaj, who she thought was "snobbish and show off ' ,didn't go for fame which was his .Nor he claimed credit for the win .He didn't play that match as State champion or for glory . He played that match for her.She never really believed in Love at first Sight .But today  she  fell in love with him all over again .

First impression are sometimes not last impressions .

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