Not without You.

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It was another Monday life of the people.People were late to their respective offices after unsuccessfully trying to catch up on everything on weekend including Rest. This is what working class promise every week to catch up on life over the weekend but usually miss the target. The Lure of another weekend is what keeps them going. Ruchika was dragging herself to work like many. Her struggles with life include juggling office and her Parents.

Struggle with Parents was real.Society want's everyone to settle down I guess marriage was created by someone who was too depressed with his life.Society is monster everyone is scared of. The level of acceptability is always one level higher.Any 12th pass should have been a graduate, at least. A graduate should have Job. One who has Job should be Married. Once you have married you should have a kid. Its Ploy to get everyone on the same boat. Parents are one who becomes the target of the society's sinister plan.They try all the tricks including emotional blackmail and we fall into the trap, we want to avoid.It's only matter of time.

Ruchika has avoided that trap till now. She has been meeting guys but thankfully they didn't suit her parents taste either.Closest Ruchika has come to liking guy was with Rohan. But then it had left into the oblivion.

It was a start of Winter when office arranges one of many Employee engagement events. Today, they received the mail with respect to Quiz contest. This mail sent Ruchika in nostalgic mode, about days when Rohan was still her colleague. Last time, Rohan had egged Ruchika to be his partner in a quiz. This was one is many ways, how Rohan wanted to spend his time with her. How he wanted her to like him.He wanted her to know the real Rohan as the opposite of his office persona.He tried and gave up.He was really fond of her. Ruchika was surprised when Rohan didn't participate in Quiz. He sat in an audience and answered every question which came audience way. He did that to the point where, everyone in the audience, including the host to ask, why didn't you participate in the quiz. "I didn't get the partner", he quipped. You do not need one ?. Yes, I do. was Rohan reply.Ruchika asked  him the same question. " Not without you " Rohan explained.Ruchika was overwhelmed at that.This was one of her weak moments where she wanted to say yes to him.

Rohan was her Office Colleague. Smart, Educated may not be hot looking. He was smitten by Ruchika.He was not. sure why Ruchika was declining his advances. Ruchika, however, was unsure, fully determine to marry someone her parents chose.But she had her share of weak moments.She knew   Rohan was egging her for long. he had qualities she looked forward. If he was from her community, perhaps it was instant yes.But somehow their weak moment didn't collide.Rohan was soon transferred to the onsite location on special assignment.Out fo sight out of mind, this love story had breathed it last.

A loud thud brought Ruchika brought back to present. It was Pawan  Khanna. New Employee. Last six months since Pawan had joined had made people cringe.He was this all-knowing snooty who insulted everyone's  intelligence.He was smart but his arrogant nature made everyone hate him. Once quiz was announced, his nuisance exploded. He announces he is going to win because the office was full of stupid people and no one would beat him. Ruchika was the subject of his taunts in the past. She had enough of his wits.and wanted to teach him the lesson.He wanted him to lose to show him his place.Ruchika decided to participate in the quiz  and started scouting for a partner. Today she invariably wished Rohan was still here when failed to find the decent one. As the deadline of enrolling was near She gave her nomination for quiz without partner. Quiz club has assured her that they would pair her if someone else was too looking for a partner.This way, she had a chance of someone with strong chances rather than choosing an uninterested friend in the office.

Pawan Khanna on other hand paired with Shruti.Shruthi was Ruchika teammate  She was in fierce competition with whatever Ruchika does. She was a smart and quick thinker. This made their pair almost unbeatable. Pawan and Shruthi went gaga all over the office with the incumbent win on Quiz day. The Whole office thought that the declaration of their name for winners was a mere formality.

It was quiz day and all were set for the big quiz. Ruchika went to the venue with a crossed fingers. She hoped that her partner for the day was good enough. At least a face saver in front of Pawan and Shruthi.
 . Ruchika asked the organiser if they were able to find the partner.They said that they had last minute request and He would join but he was out of town.If not she would have to convince any one of her colleagues.As soon everyone took seat Ruchika was eagerly waiting for her partner to arrive. Her time was worth the wait as  Rohan walked in, with his travel bag.Ruchika was surprised, When Rohan joined Ruchika, you came all the way to participate in this stupid quiz. When you didn't participate when you were here?. Yes, because you wanted me here, said Rohan..How do you know that? asked Ruchika. I just know, said Rohan.

When Rohan received mail for the quiz, it was nostalgic for him too. He remembered his promise "Not without you" .to Ruchika. He secretly wished he was still based at corporate so that he would ask Ruchika again.Quiz became a topic of discussion during his official conversation with a colleague who was quiz committee member.You are still on corporate rolls and still participate in the quiz and anyway, Ruchika is looking for the partner. Rohan joys knew no bounds. He decided to pull off surprise. He preponed his home visit by a month to pull off this coup.

As the quiz progressed, as it was expected Pawan and Shruthi were killing it .Ruchika and Rohan were not far behind. Rohan has taken a back seat in this pair. He only answered the question Ruchika was not sure of.He wanted Ruchika to win this on her own. And win they did, Pawan and Shruthi were embarrassed after their tall claims. It was foot in mouth for both of them, after coming close second to Rohan & Ruchika .Ruchika was overwelmed at a great win. This would smoothen out Pawan for sure and  Congratulations poured in.

As euphoria died, Ruchika turned to Rohan. Both were looking at each other. Words elapsed their mouth.their eyes were gazing. Rohan was seeing soo much love Ruchika had hidden from him .Ruchika on another hand cursing herself on why did she didn't acknowledge him till now. Feeling of being so important for someone just overwhelmed her.In the moment of silence, both acknowledge the feelings for each other. So? Rohan finally broke the silence.When are you going back? asked Ruchika. In a couple of days, answered Rohan. Can We meet over coffee after office? Ruchika suggested. I will wait for you, Rohan answered enthusiastically.But, Why did you come just today? You had all the time to book the ticket in advance after a declaration of quiz event. But you registered only at end moment, said Rohan. So you didn't want to participate in this quiz?asked Ruchika. " Not without you " answered Rohan

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