Blind Date - Surprise

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.....Continued from Blind Date- Confusion

"So your are the Real Rohan?'  said the  First girl approaching him,  Smile escaped  Rohan's Lips. He fell in love at first sight and second as well, all in the span of 15 minutes.

Shreya was relieved, Rohan was no drop dead hot but had an average looking guy. She was still flustered by what had transpired.  She tried to explain the confusion. Rohan, in turn, told her that he was a silent observer in all this.Shreya was embarrassed about her silly mistake.
Rohan was observing  Shreya  White Hidesign Clutch. Rohan silent observations are his data collection techniques which tell a lot about people. You are looking flustered, what will you have? asked Rohan. "Mocca Frappe' she said unthinkingly, obviously she go-to drink by default, guessed and noted Rohan.
So what kind of girl you are looking for? asked Shreya. This question bothered Rohan. He didn't know what he was looking for. When the right one comes along he will just know. And Just Today He fell in Love at first sight for Shreya. Why did he fell in love with her not anyone till now ? would ask any logical person. No one knows anyone has an answer. If it was mathematics there would be a formula to prove it. Not in love, I guess.
All this Love thing seems silly for a logical person.Love is overrated they say. But Ideal match which you think will suit you may not be perfect for you.Rohan told her ' Someone who would make his heart beat faster ".
Shreya Rolled her eyes on this answer. She was anything but romantic. She came with a checklist. She agreed to come on this Blind date when her friend assured her that guy was from her own Community. Her parent wish was top of the list for her.Rohan ticked most of her boxes concerning the job, education, looks, and community.  She expected Rohan would come with a similar checklist. Hoping this goes through. She was trying to gauge his checklist to fit in it.  She was unaware, she had already ticked the boxes with her first look  His heart was already beating faster.

Both were relieved. Their Date was Level 1 from both their perspective for different reasons although.

Rohan who was telling her stories of his past, his friends, his crushes. Shreya on other hand was just listening trying to fit in with her encouragement. But Rohan wanted to hear Shreyas stories.

Rohan was quite surprised how would they agree on so many things.Even Rohan best friends don't agree on Many things.Rohan now began the weird experiment of a portrayal of person he never was.He wanted to know Shreyas views on the thing which are uncompromising in his life.And then it was simply clear why a blind date was turning into arrange Marriage meeting. Someone Desperately trying to fit in other person's scheme of thing Trying to become the person you are not. When seeking acceptance was more important than your own choice.Shreya walked straight into Rohan trap.

Rohan was surprised seemingly sensible &  independent girl was behaving like this. Rohan shared his apprehensions with her. Shreya was caught in a fix.She admitted her stance. Her family was after her life for getting married.Shreya had an idea of a perfect guy in her mind when she set out to find her soulmate .but year later she was left empty handed.Every new guy she met, missed out few qualities in her checklist. Last guy was better than this she would always wonder till time. In hindsight, she had ruined her chances with guys who she thought were perfect.  

Today Shreya wanted to make it good by being positive at the start looking only at the problems if any.With Rohan, she didn't find any glaring problems to start with. However, when Rohan started experimenting she had issues but played along in hope.Rohan was relieved with that admission. 

Thereafter their discussion was more open about each other. They discussed office, life, choices and aspirations. Rohan was realising Shreya was entirely different from him Shreya was outgoing and go-getter to Rohan balanced guy who believed in stability. They bonded over travel nevertheless. Shreya was impressed how Rohan managed to sneak to different places when she was struggling to take a vacation for two years now,. 

They were finding the common ground began liking each other. The time flew. Soon it was time to go.It got over so soon, Shreya didn't want to let Rohan Go. Rohan on other hand had similar feelings. Whether she will meet me again? What if she didn't?  They started walking towards exit .and soon it was time to let her go.Rohan asked her, holding his breath, will we meet again? .Shreya said she will think about it. Rohan took it for as No.

Following week Rohan was busy in office. But often thought about Shreya's once he was alone even after hard day work. He checks his cell for Shreya message every now and then. Even when he got up in mid of the night.He even blocked her number in distress, unblocking in a few minutes later.

Rohan in anticipation had complete forgot that he hadn't sent her message as well.What if she was waiting for his message.? he kept his male ego aside and sent her message.
Hiiii...  with three I's and four dots.He typed 5 dots and deleted one as if it mattered the most thing. Can we meet up again ? he asked.

I was waiting for you to ask me since eternity, replied Shreya.Rohan wouldn't sleep that night.His story was just going to begin.