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“I will not talk to her from now on" I resolved perhaps 4th time in Six  months .Real question was  how long this resolution  would I hold it true . You need to keep your self respect aside when you are in Love ,my friend had advised me not long ago. I, myself  in past, made similar conclusion ,No body owes you respect, it is always earned . You had made decision that she is wonderful person to know . That however does not make her oblige your advances .That’s how things are brought in supermarket , relationship can’t fall in that category  . It has to be two way decision . Imagine you are not allowed to enter a Shop because you didn’t buy anything last time . Same way if you don’t talk to her , your chance of 0.00001% will reduced to none.
What more I would do? I said in my defense when you are interested in busiest girl in office. She has time for everything except me. I argued. But did I have option I was  at every least hopelessly in love with her . Love is state of mind . Infatuation and crush would be more appropriate word ,I corrected.

Why do you even like her ? She only has blank expressions on her face.My friends would enquire . Blank Girl that’s what she called her once . You people would never get it .I protested There is something in her which say she is the one . I can't pin point any particular reason .She was not most beautiful or friendly not sweet and simple  But then does looks mater . I get positive vibes. She is most beautiful girl I can look at for hours without a blink .You are mad. was my friends conclusion. I accepted that with smile .

Why would you be so insane for girl who don’t even talk to you?. I too wondered that many times. There would be many days I would call her but wouldn’t get  any call back .She doesn’t like me . I concluded . But then it doesn’t mater I have nothing to loose .She is not mine yet .What if she never cared about it. But will does not talking to her solve that problem .I didn’t know .

Then she met me co incidentally in lift ,She smiled and we had small chat. I was happiest person at that very moment .Smile I saw  melted my heart like no other.Now I know why i like her very much …her smile make me breathless like on one else does ……

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